The Weekly Pull (1/16/13) – DAREDEVIL #22

Daredevil #22

Moving on to Marvel, DAREDEVIL #22 is a comic that WILL make you thank God for Stilt-Man. Stop laughing, it’s true!

So with Coyote gone and Matt more than assured of his own sanity, you’d think the misconception wouldn’t be an problem. You are wrong, partly because Foggy Nelson still refused to return to his partnership with Matt, and partly because Spiderman was told Daredevil is nuts by Matt’s sometimes girlfriend, DA McDuffie.

And if you’ve somehow not heard, the Spiderman running around also happens to be our own Superior Ottoman, Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body. Kind of an important detail.

Spiderman and Daredevil go back a long way in comics, so this issue had to happen at some point. The Man Without Fear tussles with the newly mind-swapped Wall-crawler, which consists mostly of Daredevil rightly wondering if Spiderman got brainwashed or something because of how…un-Spidey he acts now. It’s a good thing I read the main Spiderman titles in addition to Daredevil, or this new development might come out of nowhere and confuse the hell out of me. Then again, DAREDEVIL #22 makes a good effort of summarizing the new Spidey status quo, all while injecting plenty of humor.

Like the aforementioned involvement of Stilt-Man, and how we should all thank God for him. Yes, I’m also trying to make “Thank God for Stilt-Man” a meme. Try and stop me.

Heck, Stilt-Man gets a significant upgrade to his arsenal, making him a semi-legitimate threat. Of course he’s still the bare minimum of what constitutes villainy, so he’s not a threat to two superheroes, one of which has super senses and the other has super strength/speed/agility/science. What can I say? I like Stilt-Man, pathetic joke villain that he is.

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