The Weekly Pull (1/16/13) – CAPTAIN MARVEL #9

Captain Marvel #9 (2013) Cover

Next is CAPTAIN MARVEL #9, where once again art duties are taken over by a guest artist. Hurray?

If there were an ideal time to jump onto the series, from a conceptual standpoint I’d point to this issue, if I wasn’t already going to recommend buying the first trade paperback. CAPTAIN MARVEL #9 is one busy day in the life of Carol Danvers; she has appointments with old ladies and grad students, she takes her cat to the vet, she helps a guy in his quest to start an NGO, and she teams up with Spider Woman to stop a pair of T-Rex rampaging through downtown.

You know. Normal stuff. Did I mention the NGO guy had people hold him hostage?

I would say this is a good place to jump on conceptually, yet artistically it’s very unlike the regular art direction. Actually, further research on the penciler, Filipe Andrade, shows he’ll be on art duty for at least the next two issues. Might be difficult to get used to for some people, considering he has an…odd art style. I find it hard to describe, except that things like proportion and symmetry appear to be of secondary concern. Which is not to say it’s bad, just that characters having heavily offset noses and limbs like noodles in some shots can easily distract.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #9 and DAREDEVIL #22 also have one thing in common, and that’s their respective ending pages. Let’s just say it’s oddly coincidental to have two bombshells dropped in one week, in almost the same manner.

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