The Weekly Pull (1/16/13) – BLOODSHOT #7

Bloodshot #7 (2013) Cover

And finally, ending this week is BLOODSHOT #7, and the inevitable crossover with Harbinger. Kind of.

Being the biggest puppet in history, the eponymous Bloodshot infiltrated a base of Project Rising Sun, under the pretense of finding a computer with his true identity on it. Instead, the place he’s told has the data in fact contains captured psychic children. There have been worse mix-ups before. I assume.

For some reason the children know who Bloodshot is, even though Bloodshot knows nothing of them for obvious reasons. And so begins an issue-long flashback to Bloodshot’s days as a mind controlled kill monkey for Project Rising Spirit. BLOODSHOT #7 shows what he was like as an assassin kept under control by fake memories/identities. It shows how Kuretich, Bloodshot’s old handler and the man who removed the wool from his eyes at series start, came to have second thoughts about his profession. And it shows how Bloodshot came to meet the mysterious psiot children that he’s now come into contact with again. It’s one of those rare moments when you realize that the various series in Valiant’s comic line actually do occur in the same universe. Except we’re not getting bogged down in inter-series crossovers to a confusing degree.

No, that will likely happen in the actual inter-series crossover Harbinger Wars, coming out sometime this year. Convenient how I just so happen to read both series, huh? Here’s hoping it’s a better crossover than Infestation 2.

I’m torn as to whether I’d like to see more of Bloodshot’s old missions or not. It’s pretty grim how he’s so terribly duped, a perception betrayal trope that’s never sit well with me. On the hand, Bloodshot spouting action movie quips as a defense mechanism to retain his sanity is really, really funny in a dark way. Then again, unless something specific about his past is needed, any flashbacks would probably end up exactly the same as this one, so it’s a plot device worth keeping in moderation.

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