Avengers Vs X-Men, the major summer event from Marvel comics, has come to an end. But just because the conflict is resolved doesn’t mean the fighting was without Consequences! It’s AVENGERS VS X-MEN: CONSEQUENCES #1.

So at the end of AVX proper, a lot of loose ends were left dangling simply because there’s not enough room to explore them there. That’s what AVX: CONSEQUENCES comes in. AVX was a big event, so there’s a lot of different characters that need closure. Thankfully most of the Avengers came to the fight because of their membership in the club requires them to pay ass-kicking dues (or just because altruism, whatever); as such, they got to go home and back to their regular ass-kicking lives. But not everyone, and certainly not the main players of the X-Men.

Wolverine, being the headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, brings his charges in for a cameo so they can try helping rebuild Wakanda. Remember Wakanda? Most technologically advanced nation in the world, ruled by Black Panther? The one that Namor hit with a tidal wave and got wrecked like a town after the World Cup riots? Yeah, they aren’t doing so well. I’m personally concerned with the fact that Black Panther freaking died in The Defenders, but then again practically everyone died in The Defenders, which I assume they intend to undo because we can’t have the entire Marvel universe die.

Not unless it’s an Elseworlds story where one character (usually the Punisher or Deadpool) kills everyone.

Meanwhile, Cyclops gets acquainted with his prison accomidations, in a scene that serves a particular purpose: establish that with the resurgence of mutants in the world (including one other mutant arrested and incarcirated alongside Cyclops and will probably come up later on), the powers that be need to find an efficient means of detaining the inevitable flood of mutant criminals. One of the points I actually liked from the mouth of the designated evil warden is that it’s not a matter of whether mutants are friendly or hostile, it’s what’s to be done with the ones that ARE hostile. Which, if you don’t quite understand, is the fundamental mentality of real people when it comes to regular humans.

What I’m saying is that the Warden may be a hardass, but Scott Summers freaking killed people and tried to dominate/destroy the planet. I’m not going to casually forget that he’s in prison for a reason. There’s only so far being a Woobie can get you.

Over with Hope, the mutant messiah’s mission just kind of ended and now she’s got no more destiny hamstringing her. As such, Captain America – who I might add is sporting a costume more reminiscent of his movie threads – and the Scarlet Witch have a talk with her about where she goes from here.

Let’s not forget that there’s a bunch of other major members of Cyclops’ Extinction Team running around. Iron Man and Captain Marvel (finally sporting her new costume since all of AVX took place before the new identity) run around looking for Magneto in particular. He’s proving harder to find that anticipated.

And finally we return to Wolverine, Captain America, and Cyclops all at the same time when Cap reiterates his desire to work with the X-Men to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. But that Wolverine needs to talk to Cyclops, a feat not helped by Logan’s incredible hate for what Scott did. Next issue is going to be interesting, to say the least.

Indeed, I’m going to be picking up the next issue. I’ve already followed AVX for the last six months/twelve issues; might as well see how the dangling plot threads get resolved. This was a decent issue and works well on its way to giving AVX a sense of closure, even more than the last issue already tried to do. If you read through AVX, you owe it to yourself to follow up on it here.

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