The Weekly Pull – 8/15/12 (Part 2)


In part one, we looked at the books from DC and Valiant. Here in part two, it’s Marvel’s offerings, including DAREDEVIL #17, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #691, CAPTAIN MARVEL #2, and AVENGERS VS X-MEN #10. It’s time for c-list villains, lizard hallucinations, time travel, and mystical kung fu!

DAREDEVIL #17 sort of picks up where last issue dropped off (not the Annual issue, which was unrelated), with The Man Without Fear becoming The Man Without A Job. Foggy Nelson, the long-suffering fat partner and co-owner of the two’s law firm, found the remains of Matt’s father (complete with boxing gloves) inside Matt’s desk drawer. Naturally, Foggy pitched a fit and told Matt to leave the firm. This issue then goes into flashback territory, showing us an adventure of Daredevil’s back when the two worked a smaller office and had significantly less money.

Not to spoil it cause it’s a pretty great story, but it involves a tape, a science lab, mobsters, and my personal favorite classic c-list supervillain, Stilt Man. I care not what anyone says, Stilt Man is awesome!

I liked this issue. It’s one of those issues I’d recommend as a great jumping on point, since we’re coming off a major dynamic-altering development, the story is self-contained enough, and it ends with a good look into the main character’s past and how it informs his present identity. Plus, we finally got off that Omega Drive nonsense, so it’s probably the best time to get into the series.

Speaking of dynamic changes, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #691 ends the Lizard storyline on a good note, while beginning a new one involving classic Spiderman villain, Hobgoblin. Yep, with Ends of the Earth and the mandated Lizard storyline finishing here, we have a chance to revisit that business with the other Goblin in Spidey lore.

As for the Lizard, we get some pretty surprising yet perfectly fitting revelations as to the nature of those turned into reptilian monsters. And in so doing, giving an altered interpretation of Curt Connors and his scaley alter ego. All in all, a good conclusion to a good storyline.

Like the second issue of Bloodshot, CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 was a book I almost didn’t buy this week. But I thought it’d be nice to see how it would progress, since the first issue hadn’t yet established a plot, only the characters and Carol Danver’s new identity. Well you’ll be happy to know this issue starts the plot off strong…with time travel.

Yep, only two issues in and already we’re going back in time. Comics, everybody!

In memory of her pilot mentor/idol, Helen Cobb, Carol decides to pilot Cobb’s old propeller plane and replicate a feat Cobb claimed to do in it, but could never verify. That feat: flying up to 37K feet. In attempting it, however, Carol (who for some reason wore her Captain Marvel costume at the time) ends up hydroplaning, and somehow travels to the 1940s. Because science. This one is at least a two-parter, so I’m obligated to read the next issue before I render a verdict as to whether I’ll follow the series. For those still on the fence and with more disposable cash, I still say give this one a shot.

Last for this week is AVENGERS VS X-MEN #10. In previous issues, we saw Namor being defeated by the entire Avengers team, and Colossus and Magik defeating each other by way of clever goading by a wounded Spiderman (because as we all know, Spiderman is top tier). This leaves only Cyclops and Emma Frost of the Phoenix Five remaining, though they now each command 50% of the power. Cyclops makes use of that power by traveling to the hidden city of Kun Lun, birthplace of mystical kung fu and temporary base of operations for the Avengers, in search of Hope.

Emma Frost meanwhile uses her power to dominate the minds of everyone around her. We’re officially deep in “absolute power corrupts absolutely” territory, people. Is anyone surprised?

On the upside, Hope learns what it was she was brought to Kun Lun to learn in the first place. It’s awesome enough to kick Cyclops’ ass. Our little mutant messiah is growing up (sniff). Anyway, this event is progressing exceedingly well, much better than the beginning. One should always give a series the chance to surprise you.

And yes, I understand the hypocrisy of those words considering I dropped Justice League right before it apparently got good. The irony is not lost on me.

Was the irony lost on you? Am I a fool for dropping Justice League several issues ago? Has anyone read Captain Marvel yet? What do you think of Avengers Vs X-Men so far? Is Stilt Man your favorite c-list villain? And do you know who the Hobgoblin is? Leave a comment below.

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