I Am An Idiot #1 – Delays

In what will probably be the first in a long line of apologies for incompetance (and possibly a new, if hopefully infrequent, column), I’m sorry for not getting the Weekly Pull up sooner than it will be. Not much later will it be, mind you. I already have a habit of getting these out on Saturdays or even Sundays. But believe me, I fully intended to get this out today.

The problem is that I forgot to pick up and read THE STRAIN #7. Once again, I forgot The Strain, and now the whole schedule is screwed.

But honestly, can you blame me? Dark Horse never updates their list of books until after the week’s offerings come out. And I’m the guy who plans out his purchases well in advance simply because I can never seem to get everything if I’m just winging it in the store. But while some publishers give at least a few days notice of what’s coming out (like DC, Marvel, and Image comics), other publishers – in this case Dark Horse – don’t indicate what’s coming out before it actually comes out. At least it’s better than IDW, who patently refuses to have a release page by week at all, so I never know what’s coming out or what has come out.

Anyway, this means I need another day to buy, read, and reread (I make a policy of always reading an issue twice before commenting on it) this latest issue. Then I can get the pull list out, and everyone can go on with their lives. Because I just know someone out there can’t get through the week without hearing my slightely shifting opinions on the same ongoing titles I’ve commented on for months.

This also brings another point. Does anyone have a new series they want me to check out and render my opinion on? No one ever comments, so I guess I ought to start asking directly from now on. It would give me a solid way to end my articles, instead of just trailing off when I run out of things to say about the last thing on the list. So to recap: does anyone care what I think? Are there any new books I should check out? And does it matter that I had delayed the post another day?

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