The Weekly Pull – 2/15/12


Normally this would have been a slow week. Hence my surprise that I managed to get my purchases up to near capacity. First and foremost, no DC Universe Presents for a while. Try as I may, I saw no reason to stay on it, given that involves the Challengers of the Unknown. Besides, if I wanted obscure DC characters, I’ll just wait for GI COMBAT, and see if I can catch the Haunted Tank in action.

The South will rise again, in the form of a possessed piece of military hardware.

Embarrassingly, I forgot to buy RESURRECTION MAN #6 last week, which is a shame because I’m feeling pretty good about it. What we have here is another self-contained story, like the recent issue of Green Lantern. And to my surprise, it’s been easily the most enjoyable issue in the series thus far. Probably because, with all that backstory out of the way, we can get to simpler stories and junk.

The plot of issue six involves Mitch Shelley confined to good old Arkham Asylum on account of his talk of needing to die. I’ll admit this seems more like an attempt to cash in on the location’s significance with readers, as well as tying Resurrection Man into the rest of the DC universe. Not that this bothers me. To the book’s credit, it mostly deals with more minor residents of Arkham, and a cameo by Commissioner Gordan. All in all, a decent self-contained issue.

While on the subject of the Batman mythos, BATMAN #6 continues to be amazing! It’s been six months, and the first story arc is going strong and awesome.

Excuse my gushing, but of all the books in this relaunch, if pressed to pick a favorite, Batman would probably top the list easily. The caped crusader has been run ragged, starved, and hunted through the Court of Owl’s dark maze, and now he’s at the mercy of their greatest champion, the Talon. But of course, being Batman, the Dark Knight isn’t just going to lie down and die. All I can say is that this book is haunting, chilling, and spectacularly written and drawn. Snyder and Capulo have made this book their own, and we’re still at least another issue to go before this story arc ends.

What more can I say? This book is brilliant. Read it.

Next comes WINTER SOLDIER #2 and…wait, didn’t I just talk about the first issue this past week? What the hell Marvel? Not that I’m complaining about being able to read the second issue of this new series within days of the first, but this is still rather jarring.

This installment pits the titular Winter Soldier and his partner Black Widow first against a talking gorilla with a machine gun. You know, normal day in comics. Then they’re off to trace the sale of the sleeper agents. Also, a Doom-bot is involved in the plot. I think the one part of the Fantastic Four franchise that gets me more than anything is the fact that Doctor Doom builds robot duplicates, and that they basically give the writers a backdoor in case they mischaracterize the old villain. It pretty much made Brian Clevinger‘s Infinity Gauntlet miniseries.

My opinion on this book hasn’t changed in the last few days, so I still recommend people pick up this book. One new point I could bring up is that I love the art. It’s stylized and evokes the feeling of cold and intrigue.

I could be talking about DAREDEVIL, since I’m thinking of reading that new series. But I’ve read the last three issues in the last few days, so I’m not sure how to go about talking about it. I guess I’ll have a First Impressions for it. That and talk about The Amazing Spiderman, since one issue of that was the first part of a two-parter with Daredevil. But the insanity of that deserves a discussion for another time.

Last on the list is STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPERHEROES #5. Maybe it’s just been a much happier week, and I’ve been in a much better mood, but all of a sudden I’m loving this miniseries. Not just liking it, I mean love. It’s readily apparent this series aims to mesh the two intellectual properties in ways I never imagined possible. First of all, they took Vandal Savage and Flint (an immortal from Star Trek apparently), and outright suggest that these previously unrelated characters are alternate universe versions of each other, and the current villain is yet another alternate version.

But wait, it gets better. This really isn’t a spoiler, but alternate universe Vandal Savage has been collecting time machines from those time travelers that come his way. He’s got the Dagger of Time from Prince of Persia, the DeLorian, a stargate, the Hot Tub Time Machine, Bill and Ted’s phone booth, and two TARDISs! This just blew my mind, man! My only disappointment is the stunning lack of a Time-traveling Popemobile Go Kart.

Oh, and it ends with a cameo that, in retrospect, I probably should have seen coming. I’m not going to spoil that, just know that the awesome of this miniseries leaps up several times here. I can’t wait for the upcoming Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover.

And yes, that actually exists. Or at least it will. God I love comics.

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