The Weekly Pull – 12/14/2011


Since the time I have available during the Christmas season is greatly increased, I’ve made my mind to use it constructively. Get some editing done after months of procrastination. Go to the gym. Catch some of that new GI Joe show on the Hub. You know, productive things.

And of course continue my blogging after a brief absence. I liked blogging about my picks for DC’s relaunch that I decided to start a weekly thing on my comics pull list. Unlike my First Impressions, I’m not going to go in depth about everything I pick up. If I did, I’d be writing every day and still be way behind by next summer. Not to mention I’m going to be talking about multiple ongoing series, so any in depth analysis would become repetitive very quickly.

And since I buy so many of them, I’ll start with the DC titles. First there’s Demon Knights #4. This book is one of two DC ongoing titles I’ve really been enjoying so far, along with OMAC. They’re also the two titles I just know will be canceled first, because people don’t buy books like this. Which is a damn shame, because they’re the most fun I’ve had reading these past few months.

So Demon Knights #4 focuses on one of the group of medieval heroes, “Sir” Ystin the Shining Knight. We get some pretty sweet backstory for a character that’s been pretty enigmatic so far. In fact, I find this a little perplexing, since the running gag in the past three issues has been whether SK is a woman or just a girly man. And as far as I can tell, this still hasn’t been answered. Regardless, I liked this issue and want to see more because despite the more sombre tone this is a really fun book.

Next is Green Lantern #4, which follows up on the cliffhanger from last issue by exposing it for the obvious fake out that it was. There was no way Geoff Johns was going to kill off Hal Jordan, no matter how stale a character he is. However, we do get some pretty solid character development for Sinestro, and get set up for yet another cliffhanger. Unlike the one from last issue, though, I’m more willing to believe that this might just pay off. Not that it will, just that I have an easier time buying it for this month.

After that it’s Resurrection Man #4. I have to admit, I wasn’t really feeling this series before now. It just wasn’t quite gripping me, and as a result I was thinking of dropping the title, much to my disappointment. But thanks to this issue (and some of last issue) my fears are assuaged. The addition of the Trans-human to the cast of characters here, and the idea of Mitch Shelley perhaps being the amnesiac boss of the Body Doubles, did wonders for the story. I’m now more interested than ever to see where this is going. The cliffhanger though (yes another one) doesn’t fool me in the least. If Shelley hasn’t stayed dead after all this, vaporization sure won’t do it.

Last of the DC books I picked this week is The Shade #3, the next installment of the maxi series by James Robinson. I own the first volume of the Starman Omnibus, where Robinson propelled the formerly pathetic Shade into bad-ass status by way of reboot. Needless to say, I’ve had high hopes for the character’s solo series. Unfortunately, I also own the issues of the old Justice League series featuring Eclipso, also written by James Robinson. And while not nearly as bad as JLA: Cry for Justice (also written by Robinson), it still wasn’t all that good.

Fortunately, the Shade series has been pretty decent so far, and issue three is no exception. We get some excellent character development with the titular Shade in this issue, as well as, you guessed it, another cliffhanger. But it’s one that knocked my socks off, and I will be picking up the next issue without a doubt.

No Marvel pick ups this week, but from IDW (in conjunction with DC) we have Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #3. I heard about this crossover miniseries months before it was set to come out, and so far it’s been an enjoyable ride. This is surprising, considering I’ve been only a passing fan of the original Star Trek, and vented my open dislike of the Legion of Superheroes during my New 52 First impressions.

In this miniseries, the away team of the Enterprise and the core members of the Legion find themselves trapped after a disruption in the time space continuum changes their two universes into one alternate universe where Earth formed an uninterrupted empire across the universe. In this issue, the two groups meet, fight alongside each other against a squad composed of mash-up creatures from their respective histories, and then team up to undo the damage done to the time stream.

What I think helps this book is that everything proprietary to these two franchises’ history gets explained in brief so the reader unfamiliar with either or both doesn’t get confused. It also helps that neither group is in familiar territory, so the respective continuities can’t get in the way. My only question in fact about the continuity is which particular continuities these groups come from. Star Trek had that big reboot from the newer film, which has been reflected in the IDW Star Trek books. And the Legion has three separate continuities over just as many universes. Which Legion are we talking about here? I guess I’ll need to do some more research between now and the next issue.

In the meantime, on an impulse I also bought the first issue of The Strain, the new series published by Dark Horse that’s an adaptation of the book series by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. It was available for $1, so I decided to check it out at the suggestion of my local store clerk. But since it’s a first issue and all, I won’t be talking about it here. Rather, stay tuned for my First Impressions in the next few days.

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